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Victory Components consistently delivers superior quality, high performance sourcing and logistics solutions.

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What we can do &Why choice VCI

-Critical Shortage, Cost Reduction and Stock- selling Services
-Ability to Leverage Strategic Relationships to Drive Value and Reduce Cost

-Extensive OEM/EMS/End-Customers Sources
-Worldwide Sales & Procurement Teams

-Authentication/Verification Processes

Programs & Service

Shortage Solutions

-Aggressive sourcing
-Effective supplier management processes
-Quality Management Systems
-Flexible terms

Material cost reduction

-Leverage competitive contract pricing to drive incremental profit
-Purchase on standard L/T for scheduled orders
-Access to volume discounts

Stock Recycling

-High-priced, efficient acquisition of customers' stagnant materials, so that inventory can be quickly liquidated, accelerating capital turnover.



Adjustable Switches

TI Microcontroller

ST Evaluation Board

Pressure Regulator

Communication IC


Sensor IC

Storage IC

Memory IC